Alex de la Iglesia


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照片描述 :
中文名 : 艾里克·伊格来西亚
英文名 : Alex de la Iglesia
出生年 : 1965年
出生日 : 12月4日
出生地 : 西班牙Bilbao
国家/地区 : 西班牙
职业1 : 导演
职业2 : 编剧
职业3 : 制片人
首字母 : I
条目星级 : ★

艾里克·伊格来西亚(Álex de la Iglesia),1965年12月4日出生,西班牙电影电影导演。

Most of De La Iglesia’s films reached cult status thanks to their weird sense of humour.
邪典电影导演,他的作品在气氛(tone)和风格上令人想起[[吉尔摩·德尔托罗]](Guillermo del Toro)。曾打算和[[阿诺德·施瓦辛格]]合作拍摄《毁灭战士》(改编自同名电子游戏“毁灭战士”[Doom]),但未能如愿。他的电影有一种漫画风格,非常类似于[[彼得·杰克逊]]的早期影片。但他的作品并没有像[[杰克逊]][[德尔托罗]]的作品那样在美国赢得足够数量的观众。《野兽之日》(El día de la bestia1995年)和《铁面战警》(Acción mutante1993年)拥有自己的少量铁杆影迷,《闪灵双煞》(Perdita Durango1998年)会作为[[贾维尔·巴登]]出演的最怪异的电影流传影史(它在美国发行日期只比《当黑夜降临》(Before Night Falls2000年)早几年)。

Belongs to the “unofficial” new generation of Hispanic filmmakers which includes Guillermo Del Toro (Mexican), Aljendro Gonzalez Inaritu (Mexican), Alfonso Cuaron (Mexican) and Robert Rodriguez (American).


Alex de la Iglesia was born in Bilbao, Spain in [[1965]]. He is a philosophy graduate from the University of Deusto who ended up working in the comic book field at a young age. He had a brief stint in television before finding work as artistic director on Enrique Urbizu’s Todo por la pasta. Urbizu has made a number of crime thrillers and comedies but also, most interestingly, is credited as a co-screenwriter on [[Roman_Polanski]]’s horror film, [[The_Ninth_Gate]].

De la Iglesia then took part in the short film, Mama (1988), a homage to American B-movies by Pablo Berger. This little seen short film focuses on a family forced to live in a basement after a nuclear war and features a little boy who wears a [[Batman]] costume. This short anticipates the science fiction-horror of Accion Mutante. He then met Jose Guerricaechevarria and together they made the short film, Mirindas Asesinas (1991), in which a boring man, whose mind is gradually degenerating, is on the verge of becoming a psychotic killer. The two men became fast friends and have worked together ever since, writing the screenplays to every one of De La Iglesia’s films.

De La Iglesia himself also provided the voice of The Underminer in the Spanish language version of [[The_Incredibles]]


  • Acción mutante (‘Mutant Action’, 1993)
  • El día de la bestia (‘The Day of the Beast’, 1995)
  • Perdita Durango (‘Dance with the Devil’, 1997)
  • Muertos de risa (‘Dying of Laughter ‘, 1999)
  • La Comunidad (‘Common Wealth’, 2000)
  • 800 balas (‘800 Bullets’, 2002)
  • Crimen ferpecto (‘Ferpect Crime’, 2004)
  • Los Increíbles (The_Incredibles Spanish version)
  • Oxford Crimes (pre-production 2006)