Andrzej Munk

照片 :
照片描述 :
中文名 : 安杰伊·蒙克
英文名 : Andrzej Munk
出生年 : 1920年
出生日 : 10月16日
出生地 : 波兰克拉科夫
逝世 : 逝世
逝世年 : 1961年
逝世日 : 9月20日
逝世地 : 波兰沃维奇
国家/地区 : 波兰
职业1 : 导演
首字母 : M
条目星级 : ★


Born in Krakow ,died September 20,1961 in a car accident near Lowicz,Porland.Studied architecture at Warsaw Technology University and the Law Technology at Krakow University .Graduared from Lodz FS as director cinematographer in 1950.Cameraman for several film school films.Entered the industry as cameraman in PFK Newstreel,the made his debut as director of documentaries (1949) and feature films(1955).

Anoutstanding personality of “Polish Film School” of the late 1950s,he contributed a great deal toward the adiverance of Polish film from Stalinist-era shemas and dogmas.His skeptial,ironic and rational vision of history stands in contrast to the romantic approach of Andrzej Wajda. Made only 5features ,but all five remain amoung the best ever made in Poland.




  • 《蓝十字勇士》(Blekitny Krzyz, 1955)
  • 《铁轨上的人》(Czlowiek na Torze, 1956)
  • 《英雄》(Eroica, 1956)
  • 《倒霉》(Bad Luck, 1959)
  • 《女旅客》(Pasazerka, 1961)