Ebru Ceylan

照片 :
照片描述 : 在[[戛纳电影节]]
中文名 : 艾布鲁·锡兰
英文名 : Ebru Ceylan
出生年 : 1976年
出生日 :
出生地 : 土耳其安卡拉
国家/地区 : 土耳其
职业1 : 演员
职业2 : 编剧
职业3 : 摄影师
首字母 : C
条目星级 : ★

Ebru Ceylan was born in Ankara, Turkey, in 1976. She studied photography and
participated in several group exhibitions and won several awards. After graduating
from the Film and TV Department of Marmara University, Istanbul, she studied for
her master’s degree at the Film Making Department of Mimar Sinan University,
Istanbul.Her first short film KIYIDA (On The Edge) was officially selected in
competition at Cannes in 1998. She continues to make short films.