Ida Lupino

照片 :
照片描述 : 1979年的Ida Lupino
中文名 : 艾达·卢皮诺
英文名 : Ida Lupino
出生年 : 1918年
出生日 : 2月4日
出生地 : 英国
逝世 : 逝世
逝世年 : 1995年
逝世日 : 8月3日
逝世地 : 美国
国家/地区 : 美国
国家/地区2 : 英国
职业1 : 导演
职业2 : 演员
首字母 : L
条目星级 : ★

Ida Lupino1918年2月4日生于英国,1995年8月3日逝世于洛杉矶,美国导演演员,最早的好莱坞女性导演之一。

Early life

She was born in [[Camberwell]], [[London]], [[England]], (allegedly under a table during a [[World_War_I]] [[zeppelin]] raid), the daughter of actress Connie O’Shea (aka: Connie Emerald) and [[music_hall]] entertainer, [[Stanley_Lupino]], whose distant [[Italian]] ancestry can be traced to 17th century [[Italian]] immigrants to [[England]].

Career rise

Encouraged to enter show business by both her parents and an uncle, [[Lupino_Lane]], Ida Lupino made her first film appearance in 1931, in The Love Race and worked for several years playing unsubstantial roles.

It was after her appearance in [[The_Light_That_Failed]] in 1939 that she was taken seriously as a dramatic actress.

Her parts improved during the 1940s and she began to describe herself as “the poor man’s [[Bette_Davis]]”. While working for [[Warner_Brothers]], she would also refuse parts that Davis had rejected, and earned herself suspensions.

During this period she became known for her hard boiled roles and appeared in such films as [[They_Drive_by_Night]] (1940) and [[High_Sierra]] (1941). She acted regularly and was in demand throughout the ’40s without becoming a major star.

In 1947, Lupino left [[Warner_Brothers]] to become a [[freelance]] actress. Notable films around that time include [[Road House]] and [[On_Dangerous_Ground]].


It was during a suspension in the late 1940s that she began studying the processes behind the camera. Her first directing job came when Elmer Clifton became ill during [[Not_Wanted]], a 1949 movie which she co-wrote.

Lupino often joked that if she had been the “poor man’s Bette_Davis” as an actress, then she had become the “poor man’s [[Don_Siegel]]” as a director. From the early ’50s she began directing films, mostly [[melodrama]]s and was one of the few women of her era to achieve success in this field.

She directed [[Outrage]] in 1950, and tackled the extremely controversial subject (at that time) of [[rape]]. In addition to acting in many films noir, she also directed [[The Hitch-Hiker]] (1953). The film was the first [[film_noir]] directed by a woman.

She continued acting throughout the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, and her directing efforts during these years were almost exclusively television productions such as [[Alfred_Hitchcock_Presents]], [[The_Twilight_Zone]], [[The_Donna_Reed_Show]], [[Gilligan’s_Island]], [[77_Sunset_Strip]], [[The_Ghost_and_Mrs._Muir]], [[The_Rifleman]], [[Bonanza]], [[The Untouchables (1959 TV series)|The Untouchables]], [[The Fugitive]], and [[Bewitched]].

After guest starring in popular TV shows, she retired after making her final film appearance in 1978.


The second woman to be admitted to the [[Director’s Guild]] (following [[Dorothy_Arzner]]), Ida Lupino has two stars on the [[Hollywood_Walk_of_Fame]] for her contributions to the fields of television and motion pictures. They are located at 1724 Vine Street and 6821 [[Hollywood_Boulevard]].

Personal life

Ida Lupino was born in [[1918]] (and not [[1914]] as other biographies have it) as per her birth reference (see below).

She married and divorced three times:

  • [[Louis_Hayward]], [[actor]] (November 1938 – 11 May 1945)
  • [[Collier_Young]], [[producer]] ([[1948]] [[London]]–1951)
  • [[Howard_Duff]], [[actor]], (October 1951 – 1984)
    • one daughter, actress [[Bridget_Duff]] (b. [[April_23]], [[1952]])
  • Lupino was never a public figure, and kept her private affairs separate from her work.

    Ida Lupino died from a [[stroke]] while undergoing treatment for [[colon_cancer]] in [[Los_Angeles,_California]]. She is interred in the [[Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Glendale)|Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery]] in [[Glendale,_California]].

    The face currently featured on the [[Columbia_Pictures]] [[Statue_of_Liberty]] logo at the beginning of each of their movies for the past several years looks exactly like Lupino’s, although the studio insists that it’s a composite of several actresses. A model named Jenny Joseph posed for the body but a different face was substituted.


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