Jean-Pierre Cassel

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照片描述 :
中文名 : 让-皮埃尔·卡塞尔
英文名 : Jean-Pierre Cassel
出生年 : 1932年
出生日 : 10月27日
出生地 : 法国巴黎
逝世 : 逝世
逝世年 : 2007年
逝世日 : 4月19日
逝世地 : 法国巴黎
国家/地区 : 法国
职业1 : 演员
首字母 : C
条目星级 : ★


He made his movie debut at the invitation of [[Gene_Kelly]], who cast Cassel in the 1956 Paris-filmed seriocomedy The Happy Road (1957). At least, that’s what the press releases claimed; actually, the tall, elastic-faced Cassel had been plugging away in films on a minor basis since 1950. Shortly after, Cassel was perfectly cast in the naif title role in the 1958 film version of Voltaire’s Candide. He has since been a stalwart in the comedies of director Philippe de Broca, nearly always playing latter-day variations of the ingenuous Candide. Since this time, he is the screen-lover of some of the best actresses like [[Jean_Seberg]], [[Brigitte_Bardot]], [[Claude_Jade]], [[Catherine_Deneuve]], [[Stéphane_Audran]] or [[Marie_Dubois]]. He played in [[Gérard_Brach]]’s Bateau sur l’herbe, Le (1971) (1970) with [[Claude_Jade]] and [[John_McEnery]]. In 1974, Jean-Pierre Cassel added thousands of American filmgoers to his fan following with his appearances as the bumbling King Louis XIII in Richard Lester’s The Three Musketeers (1973) and The Four Musketeers (1974).


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