Kevin Brownlow

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中文名 : 凯文·布朗洛
英文名 : Kevin Brownlow
出生年 : 1938年
出生日 : 6月2日
出生地 : 英国苏塞克斯郡Crowborough
国家/地区 : 英国
职业1 : 导演
职业2 : 制片人
职业3 : 史学家
职业4 : 学者
首字母 : B
条目星级 : ★

凯文·布朗洛是电影人、影史学家、电视纪录片制作者和作家。Brownlow is best known for his work documenting the history of the silent_era. Brownlow developed an interest in [[silent_film]] at the young age of eleven. This interest grew into a life-long passion for the cinema and a career spent documenting and restoring film. He is without question one of the most respected and admired historians of the early cinema and has rescued many a silent_film and its history from oblivion. His initiative and interest in seeking out and interviewing many largely forgotten, elderly film pioneers in the 1960s and 1970s is credited with preserving a priceless legacy of cinema that would have otherwise been lost.


凯文·布朗洛对第二次世界大战十分着迷,所以他拍摄了一部“假设历史”的影片[[It_Happened_Here]],片中纳粹德国征服了英国。布朗洛年轻时积极乐观,雄心勃勃,18岁开始制作这部电影,很快开始和16岁的朋友Andrew Mollo合作。经过8年的挫折,影片内容也进行了很大更改,但终于在[[Tony_Richardson]]的帮助下,在1964年完成了,1966年公映。在这次成功后,布朗洛和Mollo投身到下一部影片中,Winstanley,经过近十年努力,1975年影片得以公映。

The Parade’s Gone by…

In 1968 Brownlow’s first book about silent_film, The Parade’s Gone By…, was published. The book, which relied heavily on interviews with the leading actors and directors of the silent_era, launched him on his career as a film historian. Brownlow spent many years garnering support for the restoration of [[Abel_Gance]]’s 1927 [[French]] classic, [[Napoleon]], a “lost” epic film that used an early example of [[split screen]] or widescreen tryptych format that Gance called [[Polyvision]], and which was similar to the later [[Cinerama]]. Brownlow’s championing of this masterpiece eventually succeeded, and the restored, re-[[scored]] version was shown in London and New York in 1980 and 1981, with the director Gance just living to see the acclaim for his restored film. Even today Brownlow continues to add newly discovered and restored footage to this film.

During this period Brownlow began his successful collaboration with [[David Gill]] with whom he would produce several award winning documentaries on the [[silent_era]]. The first of these was [[Hollywood]], a 13-part history of the silent_era in Hollywood, produced for [[Thames_Television]] screened in Britain in 1979. This was followed by [[Unknown_Chaplin]] (1983) ([[Charlie_Chaplin]]), [[Buster_Keaton:_A_Hard_Act_to_Follow]] (1987) ([[Buster_Keaton]]), [[Harold_Lloyd:_The_Third_Genius]] (1989) ([[Harold_Lloyd]]), and [[Cinema_Europe:_the_Other_Hollywood]] (1996), among others. They also restored and released a large number of classic silent_films through the [[Thames_Silents]] series in the 1980s and 1990s, generally with new musical scores by [[Carl_Davis]].

Since David Gill’s death in 1997, Brownlow has continued to produce documentaries and conduct film restoration, in collaboration with Patrick Stanbury, at Photoplay Productions. The most recent of these are [[Garbo]], a documentary produced for Turner Classic Movies to mark the centenary of the [[actress’]] birth, and [[I_Am_King_Kong]] (2005), about filmmaker [[Merian_C._Cooper]].

How It_Happened_Here (The Book)

There is a book titled How It_Happened_Here (now re-issued by [[The_UKA_Press]]) about the making of It_Happened_Here, and the subsequent reception that the film received. Not only does it explain how two teenage boys made a feature film, it also explores the provocative social issues raised by the movie. Brownlow had allowed genuine [[British_Fascists]] to play themselves in the film, which raised the hostility of Jewish organizations. The book contains almost 100 pictures, mostly stills from the film, and an introduction by [[David Robinson (film critic and author)|David Robinson]].


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