摩斯电影(俄文: Мосфильм; IPA: [mʌsfʲɨlʲm])通常被说成是俄罗斯乃至欧洲最大最古老的电影工作室。苏联电影中大多数较受欢迎的作品都出自这个公司,包括塔可夫斯基和爱森斯坦(公认的苏联最伟大的导演)的作品以及红色西部片,黑泽明的合拍片(Дерзу Узала /德苏·乌扎拉),鸿篇巨制Война и Мир/战争与和平。


Old Mosfilm logoThe Moscow film production unit with studio facilities was established in November of 1923 by the motion picture mogul Aleksandr Khanzhonkov (“first film factory”) and I. Ermolev (“third film factory”) as a unit of the Goskino works. The first movie filmed by Mosfilm was On the Wings Skyward (directed by Boris Mikhin).

In 1927 a new film studio complex was started to be built on Mosfilmovskaya Street in Sparrow Hills of Moscow. This film studio was named after Moscow amalgamated factory Soyuzkino the Tenth Anniversary of the October. In 1934 the film studio was renamed to Moskinokombinat, and in 1936 – to Mosfilm. During the World War II the film studio was evacuated to Alma-Ata (August 1941) and merged with other Soviet film studios into the Central United Film Studio (TsOKS). The Mosfilm returned to Moscow at the end of 1943.

The famous Mosfilm logo, representing the monument “Worker and Kolkhoz Woman” by Vera Mukhina and Spasskaya Tower of Moscow Kremlin, was introduced in 1947 in Lyubov Orlova comedy Springtime.

By the end of the Soviet Union, Mosfilm had produced more than 3,000 films. Many film classics were shot at Mosfilm throughout its history and some of these were granted international awards at various film festivals.

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Mosfilm continued operations as a quasi-private production company, led by the film director Karen Shakhnazarov. As of 2005, the company embraced ten independent studios, located within thirteen pavilions occupying the area of 13,000 sq. meters. Tours through this “Russian Hollywood” become increasingly popular, as they allow to view Mosfilm’s enormous depot with 170 tanks and 50 vintage cars. The main pavilion is leased annually to hold the Golden Eagle Awards.