Roberta Pearson

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照片描述 :
中文名 : 罗伯塔·皮尔森
英文名 : Roberta E. Pearson
出生年 :
出生日 :
出生地 :
国家/地区 : 英国
职业1 : 学者
职业2 : 史学家
首字母 : P
条目星级 : ★★








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  • Small Screen, Big Universe: Star Trek and Television Studies (University of California Press, under contract). Co-authored with Maire Messenger-Davies
  • Doing History in the Postmodern Age: A Case Sudy of New York City’s Moving Picture Shows, 1906-1913, (University of California Press, under contract). Co-authored with William Uricchio.


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  • Critical Dictionary of Film and Television Theory (London: Routledge, 2000).Co-edited with Philip Simpson.
  • Cinema Autour de Siecle/Cinema at the turn-of-the-century (Payot Lausanne (Lausanne)/Nuit blanche (Quebec City), 1999). Co-edited with Andre Gaudreault and Claire Dupre la Tour.
  • Back in the Saddle Again: New Writings on the Western (London: British Film Institute,1998). Co-edited with Edward Buscombe
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  • The Politics of Public Service Advertising on Television (New York: Praeger Press, l977). Co-authored with David Paletz and Donald Willis.


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