Robin Wood

照片 :
中文名 : 罗宾·伍德
英文名 : Robin Wood
出生年 : 1931年
出生日 : 2月23日
出生地 : 英国伦敦
国家/地区 : 英国
国家/地区2 : 加拿大
职业1 : 影评人
首字母 : W
条目星级 : ★



罗宾·伍德的父母分别名叫Robert和Florence,父亲是艺术家。他1953年自剑桥大学耶稣学院毕业,获得教育学学位,在校期间他受到F. R. Leavis和A. P. Rossiter的影响。1960年5月17日他和Aline Macdonald结婚,有三个孩子:Carin、Fiona和Simon。

1954年1958年,伍德在英国、瑞典教书(所以一开始他就对瑞典电影及[[英格玛·伯格曼]]投注了兴趣)。然后他在法国里尔教了一年英文,伍德回到英国及瑞典继续教英文。之后他到剑桥大学,虽然《电影》杂志(Movie)的编辑是牛津大学的,但从1962年开始伍德仍然成了这家杂志的撰稿人,这主要是因为此前他为《电影手册》写的一篇文章。1965年,伍德受伦敦A. Zwemmer出版社和[[Peter_Cowie]]的邀请出版了第一本专书Hitchcock’s Films

1969年1972年,在[[Peter_Harcourt]]的领导下,伍德担任加拿大安大略省皇后大学的讲师。1974年9月,伍德与妻子离婚。这期间他与John Anderson保持着情侣关系,后来伍德遇到Richard Lippe,自1977年起两人同居。



Often viewed as an academic first and film critic second, Wood has provided a model for film scholars to follow in communicating beyond the groves of academe. He remains Canada’s most respected film critic, famed for his Hitchcock studies as well as how his own coming out as a gay man marked a shift in his critical perspective. This is perhaps best summed up in “Hitchcock’s Films Revisited,” in which he looks at Hitch anew through the prisms of queer, gender and feminist studies.

One of the most prolific film writers since the 1960s, Wood publishes at least one book or significant essay every year. Wood has (unintentionally) inspired his own cult of worshipers, not unlike those followers of his own mentor, Leavis. Only Raymond Durgnat and Andrew Sarris have an equal status for film students of a certain generation. In 1985 Wood formed a collective with several other students and colleagues, set up to publish CineACTION!. As of this writing the magazine continues to come out about three times a year. In recent years he has been a (underused) resource on DVD retrospective making ofs. In 1989, Wood spent his sabbatical year in San Francisco, where he formed a life-affirming if temporary relationship with a man named Yuichi, which also inspired him to take an early retirement. Wood’s early retirement was also designed to free him to write novels, of which, according to clues on dust jackets and elsewhere, he has written at least four thus far, none yet published.

[11 November, 2006] Recently, Robin Wood himself has provided an account of his life and career to interviewer Armen Svadjian in Your Flesh His interview also features a photograph of Wood, bearing an uncanny resemblance to F.R. Leavis, at the age of 75.


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  • Howard Hawks, 1968
  • Ingmar Bergman, 1969
  • Claude Chabrol, 1970
  • Antonioni, Revised Edition, 1971
  • Personal Views: Explorations in Film, 1976
  • Hollywood from Vietnam to Reagan, 1986
  • Sexual Politics and Narrative Film: Hollywood and Beyond, 1998