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Sony Pictures Entertainment, Inc. (SPE) is the [[television]] and [[film]] production/distribution unit of [[Japan]]-based [[media_conglomerate]] [[Sony]]. Its group sales in 2005 has been reported to be of $6.6 billion.Sony Pictures – Corporate Factsheet,

Corporate structure

Headquartered in [[Culver_City,_California]], [[USA]], SPE comprises various studios and entertainment brands, including [[Columbia_Pictures]], [[MGM]] and [[GSN]].

Senior management team

  • [[Michael_Lynton]]
    • Chairman & CEO, Sony Pictures Entertainment
  • [[Amy_Pascal]]
    • Co-Chairman, Sony Pictures Entertainment
    • Chairman, Motion Picture Group, Sony Pictures Entertainment
  • Jeff Blake
    • Vice Chairman, Sony Pictures Entertainment
    • Chairman, Worldwide Marketing and Distribution, Columbia_TriStar_Motion_Picture_Group
  • [[Yair_Landau]]
    • Vice Chairman, Sony Pictures Entertainment
    • President, Sony_Pictures_Digital

List of holdings

SPE office building

Columbia_Pictures logo

TriStar_Pictures logo

  • [[Columbia_TriStar_Motion_Picture_Group]] (result of a merger between Columbia_Pictures and TriStar_Pictures in 1998): With a library of more than 4,000 films (including 12 [[Academy_Award_for_Best_Picture]] winners), as of 2004 this unit of Sony distributes about 22 films a year under its various studio brands in 67 countries. The group owns studio facilities in the [[United_States]], [[Hong_Kong]], [[Madrid]], [[Mexico]], the [[United_Kingdom]], [[Brazil]] and Japan. In addition to the below company-owned brands, Columbia TriStar also has a contract to distribute films for independent [[Revolution_Studios]] and select films by [[MGM]]/[[UA]].
    • [[Columbia_Pictures]]: Founded in [[1924]] by [[Harry_Cohn]], Sony acquired the studio in [[1989]] from [[The_Coca-Cola_Company]] for $3.4 billion.
    • [[TriStar_Pictures]]
    • Sony Pictures India, production house estabilished by Sony to release Indian movies and distribute hollywood movies, released under Columbia_Pictures.
    • [[Sony_Pictures_Classics]] (SPC): Specializes in acquiring distribution rights to [[independent]] and [[art_film]]s as well as producing lower-budget productions geared to limited audiences.
    • Sony Pictures Releasing
    • Sony Pictures Releasing International
    • [[Screen_Gems]]: Originally Columbia’s animation division and later a television production company best known for TV’s [[Bewitched]] and [[The_Partridge_Family]], Sony revived the Screen_Gems brand to develop mid-priced movies (production budget of between $20 million and $50 million) in specific genres such as [[science_fiction]], [[horror]], [[black_cinema]] and [[franchise_film]]s.
    • [[Triumph_Films]]: The label Sony uses for its low-budget or [[direct_to_video]] films.
    • [[Destination_Films]]: A “niche” motion picture company purchased by Sony in 2001.
  • [[Sony_Pictures_Home_Entertainment]]: Manufactures and distributes the Sony film library in DVD, [[video_cassette]], and [[UMD]] forms to global markets.
  • [[Sony_Pictures_Television]] Group: The successor-in-interest to Columbia’s television division (first Screen_Gems, later [[Columbia_Pictures Television]], [[Coca-Cola]] Television, [[TriStar_Television]] (A division of Columbia_Pictures Television), and [[Columbia TriStar_Television]]), as of 2004 the unit was producing 60 titles for various television outlets globally. Contains a library that includes more than 35,000 episodes of more than 270 [[television_series]] and 22,000 game show episodes under the Columbia TriStar_Television brand, and the television rights to the [[Embassy_Pictures]] library (including [[The_Graduate]] and [[The Lion in Winter]]) and also the owner of the television brand “[[Embassy_Television]]”–among most recent notable shows in this library are [[Seinfeld]], [[King_of_Queens]], [[Days_of_Our_Lives]] and [[The_Young_and_the_Restless]].
    • [[Merv_Griffin_Entertainment]]: Founded in 1964 by [[Merv_Griffin]] as Merv_Griffin Productions. He sold his company to The [[Coca-Cola]] Company in 1986 as Merv_Griffin Enterprises. It is now a subsidiary of Sony Pictures Entertainment since 1991. MGE is located in [[Los_Angeles,_California]].
    • [[Barry_&_Enright_Productions]] (post-scandal), including [[Jack_Barry_Productions]]: Formed in [[1947]] by [[Jack Barry]] and [[Dan_Enright]], shut down in [[1959]], and reformed in [[1975]]
    • [[Chuck_Barris_Productions]]: Formed in [[1965]] by [[Chuck_Barris]]. Formed Barris Industries in [[1968]].
    • [[Bob_Stewart_Productions]]: Formed in [[1965]] by [[Bob Stewart]]
    • [[Tandem Productions|Tandem Productions/TAT Communications]]/[[Embassy_Television|Embassy_Television/ELP Communications]]: Formed by [[Bud_Yorkin]] and [[Norman_Lear]] in [[1963]]. Yorkin sold his shares to Lear in the late 70s. Lear sold Tandem/TAT to The [[Coca-Cola]] Company in 1986 as ELP Communications. It is a subsidiary of Sony Pictures Entertainment since 1991; now as [[Tandem Licensing Corporation]].
    • [[Sony_Pictures_Television International]]: Formed in 1994 as the worldwide television distribution arm for Sony Pictures Entertainment. Formerly known as [[Columbia_TriStar_International_Television]] from 1994-2002.
  • [[Sony_Pictures_Family_Entertainment_Group]]
  • [[Sony_Online_Entertainment]]
  • [[Sony_Pictures_Animation]]
    • [[Adelaide_Productions]]
  • Sony Pictures Consumer Products
  • [[Sony_Pictures_Digital]]
    • [[Sony_Pictures_Imageworks]]
      • [[Sony_Station]]
    • [[Sony_Pictures_Network]]
    • [[Sony_Pictures_Mobile]]
    • [[Sony_Pictures_Digital Networks]]
      • [[SPiN]]
      • [[SoapCity]]
      • [[Screenblast]]
      • Advanced Platform Group APG
    • [[Grouper (Windows application)|Grouper Networks, Inc.]]

Entrance to SPE main lot in Culver City

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