Thomas Vinterberg

照片 :
照片描述 : 丹麦年轻导演Thomas Vinterberg
中文名 : 托马斯·温特伯格
英文名 : Thomas Vinterberg
出生年 : 1969年
出生日 : 5月19日
出生地 : 哥本哈根
国家/地区 : 丹麦
职业1 : 导演
职业2 : 编剧
首字母 : V
条目星级 : ★

Thomas Vinterberg (born May 19 1969) is a Danish film director who, along with [[Lars_von_Trier]], co-founded the Dogme 95 movement in filmmaking, which established rules for simplifying movie production.

In 1993 he graduated from the National Film School of Denmark with Last Round (Sidste Omgang), which won the jury and producers’ awards at the [[International_Student_Film_Festival_in_Munich]], and First Prize at [[Tel_Aviv]], as well as several other prizes; in 1994 the film received an Oscar nomination. That year Vinterberg made his first TV drama for Danmarks Radio and his short fiction film The Boy Who Walked Backwards, produced by Birgitte Hald at Nimbus Film.

This film has won awards and accolades all over the world, including Nordic Panorama in Iceland, the International Short Film Festival in Clermont-Ferrand, and the Toronto Film Festival.

His first feature film was The Biggest Heroes (De Største Helte), a road movie that received acclaim in his native Denmark.

In 1995, Vinterberg formed the Dogme 95 movement with [[Lars_von_Trier]], [[Kristian_Levring]], and [[Søren_Kragh-Jacobsen]].

Following that dogma in 1998, he conceived, wrote and directed (and also had a small acting role in) the first of the Dogme movies, The Celebration (Festen). He did not take credit as director and has it listed with no director. However, he and the film won numerous nominations and awards.

In [[2003]], he directed the apocalyptic science fiction]] love story It’s All About Love, a movie he wrote, directed and produced himself over a period of five years. This movie was entirely in English and featured, among others, Joaquin Phoenix, Claire Danes, and Sean Penn. The movie did not do well, as critics and audiences found it idiosyncratic and somewhat incomprehensible.

His next film, the English-language Dear Wendy (2005), scripted by [[Lars_von_Trier]], also flopped, even in his native Denmark where it sold only 14.521 ticketsVinterberg then tried to retrace his roots with a smaller Danish-language production, [[En_mand_kommer_hjem]] (2007), which also flopped, selling only 31.232 tickets[


Thomas Vinterberg在第40届捷克卡罗维发利国际电影节新闻发布会现场

  • Sneblind ([[1990]]) (short)
  • Last Round / Sidste omgang ([[1993]]) (short)
  • The Boy Who Walked Backwards / Drengen der gik baglæns ([[1994]]) (short)
  • The Biggest Heroes / De største helte ([[1996]])
  • The Celebration / Festen ([[1998]])
  • The Third Lie ([[2000]])
  • It’s All About Love ([[2003]])
  • Dear Wendy ([[2005]])
  • [[En_mand_kommer_hjem]] ([[2007]])

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